About Us

Creech Horse Transportation has been a family owned and operated business since 1965. It is now in it's third generation by the Creech family. Creech drivers are horsemen first, making the care of the animals paramount. Creech has a long distance and local service in all locations, always emphasizing a "customer first" attitude. The true customer is the horse we transport. Our mission is to "Provide quality customers with the best service from the best team of people."

Creech Horse Transportation provides safe, reliable equipment to ensure your horse has the safest ride possible every time. Our 15-horse air ride vans are custom built and finely maintained as are the Peterbuilt and Freightliner tractors that pull them. The same is true of our small vans used for our local business in Lexington, Kentucky; Riverside, California; and Ocala, Florida. Our office personnel in all locations are horsemen and women, having multiple years in the industry. Creech understands the importance every horse has to the customer. "Our business depends upon your business."