Question #1 - Do Creech Horse Transportation, Inc. drivers feed and water horses during travel?
ANSWER: YES. Our drivers keep a hay bag full at all time and water the horses frequently during transport.
Question #2 - What are some tips to prepare my horse for the most comfortable shipping?
ANSWER: Oil horses that are traveling long distance, send your own hay (your horse is used to it), and give oil and antibiotics to young horses that have been through the sales and are traveling more than 12 hours.
Question #3 - If no one is going to be around, will Creech Horse Transportation, Inc. pick up and/or deliver a horse?
ANSWER: NO. For safety and insurance purposes, farm or track personnel must be present at loading and unloading to sign the bill of lading.
Question #4 - Do you ship in my area?
ANSWER: Creech Horse Transportation, Inc. has authority to ship in all lower 48 states and Canada. We make regular trips to Kentucky, Florida, California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and many other states. We can arrange to move your horse anywhere you need to go. Just call us!
Question #5 - Can I check on my horse during shipment?
ANSWER: YES. We monitor our trucks constantly. Make sure you call during regular business hours.
Question #6 - Will you take my tack with my horse?
ANSWER: We will take a reasonable amount of tack with each horse. On single horse shipments, make sure your tack is boxed and clearly marked.
Question #7 - How do I pay for the shipment of my horse?
ANSWER: Payment can be made by credit card, certified check, bank wire, personal check (if credit is established), and direct billing as long as credit and a pre-established account is in place.
Question #8- How do I schedule the transportation?
ANSWER: Call our toll free number, 1-800-727-0022; e-mail info@creechhorsetransportation.com; or fill in your information on the shipping request page on the website to get specific information with regard to scheduling seven days in advance if possible. Often, shipment can be accomplished on shorter notice
Question #9- What kind of van will my horse ride in?
ANSWER: All long distance trips are made in semi-tractor trailers equipped with air-ride suspension.